Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pirate Party

(Handmade banner using scrapbooking paper and twine; Treasure chest cake)

Shawn's son Luke celebrated his birthday this summer and being the bad blogger I am, I'm just now getting around to posting pictures!

Since his mom was going to throw him an official party, we decided to just host a surprise family dinner. Of course that didn't stop us from going all out on the decor and theme! And that theme was.... A Pirate Party!

(Sweet Craigslist Find! Only $10!)

We set up two long tables down the midde of my open living/dining room and created a banquet setting with individual place settings and plenty of centerpiece decor. I used a lot of Halloween decorations including candle holders, skulls, and skelton bones. They worked really well on the main table and the food and cake tables.

(Burlap tablecloth, Big Lots candle holders, Mason jar mugs, assorted Halloween decorations)

I also hung sheets from the ceiling to create the look of pirate ship sails. I used simple white flat sheets from Wal-Mart and it made such a huge difference! This picture doesn't do it justice, but it looked so cool!

On one side of the room, using my normal kitchen table, I set up the food buffet. I kept the menu simple since there were mostly picky-eater kids joining us. For each item I created custom names and labels to keep them with the theme. Items included "Shiver Me Tenders" (chicken tenders), "Landlubber Lasagna," "Jolly Roger Rum" (apple juice served in a large glass jug), and "Pirate Peg Legs" (breadsticks).

The food table backdrop was decorated using a fishing net (leftover from a luau party) and scattered skeleton parts (from Halloween). I also used glass vases filled with sand and votives to create a centerpiece and light the table.

Each place setting had an eye patch included with their plates and silverware. I kept it simple and used mostly disposable dinnerware. I did, however, use glass mason jars for the drinking glasses and the kids thought that was pretty cool.

(paper products and eye patches from Wal-Mart)

The final touch was a custom Treasure Chest cake. I saw several tutorials for this cake online, but to be honest, I just decided to wing it and see what I could do. I used one common tip: buy a premade pound cake from a grocery store. Not only does it save you baking time, it is also a great thick consistency and is sturdy enough to hold the shape and decorations necessary to make this cake look great. The rest I did with assorted candy and frosting. I don't think it came out too shabby, and there were certainly no complaints in the taste department!

(Treasure Chest cake made with purchased pound cake, frosting, and LOTS of candy! Also used brown sugar for sand, and assorted candy jewelry for the filling)

I think it's safe to say that everyone had a great time and enjoyed acting like a pirate for a night. Happy Birthday Luke!

See more photos from this party in my Pirate Party album here.

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