Thursday, December 9, 2010

Craft Party

I recently threw a small birthday dinner for my boyfriend's daughter, Paige. She was turning 8 and had already had another "pink zebra" party, so I decided to do something different.

She loves to craft, so I decided to go with that theme and decorate the table with crafting and art supplies. I started by covering the table with white craft paper. It provided super easy clean-up (just roll it up and throw it out!) and also allowed the kids to color and decorate it as they wish.

Most of the stuff was purchased from the Target dollar bins during the Back To School season. I scored the plastic art bins, cardboard boxes with crayon decor, some small bags of pipe cleaners and poms, and the picture frames for $1-$2.50 each!

I also picked up some extra craft supplies and the large hanging crayons from Dollar Tree. (They are big banks!)

Each kid was given a white plastic picture frame and could use the provided supplies to decorate it as they wish. They could attach foam stickers, or glue on poms and pipe cleaners.

Small art supply caddies were filled with snacks on the main table, while a semi-healthy spread for dinner was on the main food table. I even found little sports drinks in cans shaped and labeled like crayons (and forgot to take a picture of them! dang!) I kept to the primary color spread and tried to make the food and set-up both kid friendly.

This was just a small get-together with family, so I kept it very simple. There were no favors or other activities besides the picture frames, but everyone had a great time. The best part for the birthday girl?? When it was all over, all the extra decorations were added to her own craft kit so she can make her own creations all year long.

For more pictures of this party, visit my full photo album on photobucket here.

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