Thursday, January 13, 2011

Belated Christmas

It's OK if I say "Better late than never," right? Eh, probably not.

Even though this I am WAY late in posting holiday pictures, I am still going to share them just for the record. I'm just going to post a few to show my Silver Christmas decorating theme and then we'll move on to more relevant posts (like Valentine's Day and Super Bowl!)

My massive tree is decked out in all silver and white ornaments and ribbon. I inherited this tree from my parents, so it's been well used over the years and is probably too big for my space, but it was free and better than what I had before!

As I posted earlier, I opted for a bow to top the tree because nothing else would fit! I made it myself to keep on budget.

I have always loved the look of a branch hanging over a dining room table, dripping with crystals and ornaments. Again, in a small space I had to work with what I could and this is my version:

There are only crystals hanging from it this year, but next year I want to add more ornaments.

I moved my vintage dinette/bar behind my couch because the tree took over that wall, so I wanted to use the new space to create a nice silver display. I displayed ornaments, candles, and a few other silver decorations to make this little vignette:

I bought the silver runner ages ago (I think at Crate & Barrel Outlet) and never had a good place to use it... until now! Perfect!
I had other decorations throughout the house, but these were the few I wanted to share. Maybe next year I'll get on my game earlier and actually post them BEFORE the holidays are over!

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