Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Candy-filled vase

I really wanted to do a candy-filled vase as the centerpiece of my kitchen table. I had a grand vision of a vase filled with red, white and pink gumballs and overflowing with beautiful white flowers.

Well fast forward to reality and I got something similar...

I started with two glass cylinder vases. I picked both of these up at Salvation Army. I've had them a while and I always pick up more anytime I see them. They sell new for $15-30 each and I usually snag them for less than $5. Score!

My vision of red, white and pink gumballs was just not working out. I absolutely could not find the right candy in any of the stores I checked. Yes, I could have ordered them online, but I wasn't going to go through all that effort. I like my craft projects to be quick and easy.
So instead, while I was at the Dollar Tree picking up the doilies for this project, saw these Holiday Bell marshmallows on sale- 4 for $1. Done! No one would no they were originally Christmas candy! Candy is candy. I bought 12 bags.

I stacked the vases inside each other and filled the outside with candy:
Once it was completely filled, it was ready for flowers.
View from the top:My vision of white flowers was going to be fulfilled with inexpensive carnations. But then I stumbled upon a GREAT deal! At Kroger they had marked down the Dozen Rose bouquets from $10 to only $2! So I bought a dozen pink and a dozen white. Two dozen roses for $4?? Deal!
After trimming them and letting them soak up some tasty water, the roses bloomed beautifully and filled the vase perfectly.
Although it's not my exact vision come to life, I still really like it.
Fresh flowers make every day more beautiful!
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