Friday, February 11, 2011

Feature Friday

I have been so out of touch lately with my blogs that I almost missed another Feature Friday post!

But when I logged on to my Google Reader this morning and saw what Kara had been up to at Kara's Party Ideas, I lit up with excitement!

Check out this amazing Gumball Party she designed for HGTV!!

The first picture and I'm already sold! I LOVE IT! How colorful and cute. It would be perfect for a boy or a girl!

Look at all the detail she put in to this dessert table! The color-coded gumballs on the coke trays, the gumball tree, the adorable cake pops!

These gumball machine cookies are too cute and too perfect! She found them on etsy from a company called Batches. Adorable!

She also designed this other table for drinks and favors. The gumball flowers and ribbon wands are a super cute touch.

I really love these favors too! I can't wait for her tutorial to see how she made the personal gumball machines:

This was an adorable party and I'm so glad it was posted today, just in time for my Feature Friday! I love it.
Please go visit Kara and see all the brilliant ideas she has on her party blog.

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